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"In a book industry where honesty is becoming increasingly rare, Maria's work is precious." -Words Come Isi


Maria Louise Green has an affinity for anything that pertains to the nostalgic, the decaying, the lost and the found. She likes to play around with darkness and discover the light that (inevitably) emerges. 

Her style is tender, lingering on subtleties and on the enigmatic, yet also gothic in its themes of death, bloodshed, and ludic hedonism. In less abstract terms, she writes about relationships, love, heartbreak, addiction, misery, ecstasy, and the inherent violence of existing. 

The poetry in her latest book, When Drought Becomes You, is described as an ''expressive and tenaciously taunting lyrical rollercoaster'' by BookViral. She is the author of three poetry books, her first published at the age of thirteen. She is currently eighteen years old and is studying Classics.

Having been featured in the 'Aspiring Writers' column of the Words Come Isi literary magazine, her work was introduced as "beautifully poetic", with the editor elaborating that ''one can see in Maria's style the mixture of the eloquence found in classical literature and the raw honesty that we, readers who want to connect with something genuine, crave from modern poetry."

Two of Maria's poems have been featured in Soultalk's Spotlight Anthology ('Dissolute Sanguine' & 'Sweet Shrewd Prince').

'Compromised Consciousness' was featured in the WriteByYou 2022 Anthology.

'I DREAM' was featured in Words Come Isi.

Buy Maria's book, When Drought Becomes You 

Read Issue 7 of Words Come Isi, which includes an interview with Maria

BookViral's review of WDBY

Or just enjoy the poetry available below! :)

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