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Seaside Vagabonds

That gentle, compromising sunlight

Fell over our eyes at the crack of dawn

As the sky filled with millions of specks of a new tomorrow

Which were pouring the molten core of the earth out of itself

Your eyes shifted to a curtain fall.

An unfamiliar place, though almost a home

A coffee shop that whispered to me of a lost and found

We were cast with a glow of honey – so thinly spread was its linen upon us

That through the cracks I almost saw our yesterday, slipping kindly into oblivion

Your head resting on a table, stripped by earthly sins

Emerging from the cruel night with new eyes

My caring glance, dreading having to nudge you out of sweet sleep

For it is my last desire to wake you to a less promising future, dear friend.

Once the eternally stagnant has passed, white, imposing light is to replace these moments of golden divinity

You will have no memory of the true embrace of a defrosting sun, alive, ablaze, yearning to be worshipped

And me, in awe, brought to servility

like god

The promise of betterment, a night owl’s talons drawing blood, The haze of tomorrow, milky eyes of a predator that slept too little The haunting in a house of cards, packing vermilion onto dewy cheeks

Dissolute Sanguine

To perceive is to digest, and to digest is to warp beyond repair; Do not perceive that which you do not wish to be warped. i) Cessation of self prompts the veiling of mirrors, And a vampiric urge to l


It is that spectacular night sky that, shameless, spread before the eyes of the Lord, lures me to all the corners of the cosmos that I've yet to touch, bound by a sense of child-like innocence. It is


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