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Unforgiving Universe

I’m lonely, universe, can I return now?

So far up these tilted rooftops I’ve defied gravity

I want you to love me the way I could never love you

To show me it was my mistake to dismiss you,

Rather than a painful righteousness

I’ve spent my days with these celestial bodies – they’re frauds!

Nothing to learn from them, not like from you

Skipping stones, or cherry cola bottles, along this lake is getting boring now

And I’m afraid my exile’s brought me burdens beyond expression

I need your help to carry them, the shelter of your blanket of ambiguity

I admit, I despise your anticipated predictability

It mirrors my own, which I know of too well

But for you, I can grow accustomed to it, if it means

This exile ends, I’m back in my own head

And this raging homesickness dissipates

On second thought,

If I must pry my entry from your rigid dead fingers,

I will

I hate your stubbornness, and all this false pretence

That you know so much better

Than who?

Unwavering sleep, which I forge out of depths of my own hell Gingerly lies, to all but self. Putrid kennel, ‘Dare I join the beasts?’ Is but a question to all whose hearts, it beats Tender night, to v

The sun, hissing my name, called me forth My day of reckoning, brought alive by charred pavements A sun-smog that told a certain half-truth I, imbibed, embalmed, stepped into the world And let it dict

Sweet shrewd prince, unrun, do stay I’m left chasing the last word of my sentences I would, I would but I'm too drunk to address it Effortless, you drip with honey and tar Enough of it to leave me won

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