Serpent Breath

From the devil’s serpent come

A tear of fire, a tear of scum

A tear of pain to wash my bones

Before the rain of sticks and stones

And thus I taste the tear of death

It lingers on this serpent’s breath

Trenches dug along my throat

To tell me there is no more hope

From the tear a kiss becomes

To hold me in its deathly arms

This lie is my enclosing show

The call of silence casts its woe

Sweet shrewd prince, unrun, do stay I’m left chasing the last word of my sentences I would, I would but I'm too drunk to address it Effortless, you drip with honey and tar Enough of it to leave me won

To live is to see yourself In the midst of a tsunami wave Bound to take it all away and all your head can do Is process your leaving, you You uttered the imminent And said you’ve decisively decided to

It has been less than a year, but more than half since I last called you, my mind lost in more than just thoughts To rectify my mistake, soothe my regret of never Calling you for what you are, always