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Serpent Breath

From the devil’s serpent come

A tear of fire, a tear of scum

A tear of pain to wash my bones

Before the rain of sticks and stones

And thus I taste the tear of death

It lingers on this serpent’s breath

Trenches dug along my throat

To tell me there is no more hope

From the tear a kiss becomes

To hold me in its deathly arms

This lie is my enclosing show

The call of silence casts its woe

You burned into me unsalvageable desire. My flesh is scorched, arteries and veins ravaged (they hang in the space between what was and could’ve been), presenting me with my own sin – I must look it in

He is passion, etched desire, Unacquainted with a sun or moon Familiar with the pale fire That is often gone too soon A day without my love in arms Is waiting for the sun’s expansion That’s taking pro

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