Serpent Breath

From the devil’s serpent come

A tear of fire, a tear of scum

A tear of pain to wash my bones

Before the rain of sticks and stones

And thus I taste the tear of death

It lingers on this serpent’s breath

Trenches dug along my throat

To tell me there is no more hope

From the tear a kiss becomes

To hold me in its deathly arms

This lie is my enclosing show

The call of silence casts its woe

Unwavering sleep, which I forge out of depths of my own hell Gingerly lies, to all but self. Putrid kennel, ‘Dare I join the beasts?’ Is but a question to all whose hearts, it beats Tender night, to v

The sun, hissing my name, called me forth My day of reckoning, brought alive by charred pavements A sun-smog that told a certain half-truth I, imbibed, embalmed, stepped into the world And let it dict

Sweet shrewd prince, unrun, do stay I’m left chasing the last word of my sentences I would, I would but I'm too drunk to address it Effortless, you drip with honey and tar Enough of it to leave me won