Ropeburn Grin

Stings like candle fire

Too close to skin

Death by wire

Ropeburn grin

Alas, my ropeburn grin evades

The empty canvas of my face

To hang by wires pinned up high

A display, replace the sky

In being a lucid puppet

Simultaneously, puppeteer

To fool others I’m the culprit

Makes my ropeburn grin reappear

Culprit I am not,

For in innocence I thrive!

I’ve no idea who should be sought

(lying makes me feel alive)

I pinned myself to the clouds

I pull my own strings, only I

And watch a gathering of crowds

It seems so that my eyes are dry

If a culprit a culprit makes

I am him, I confess

I’m to blame for my mistakes

I constructed this whole mess

I simply let go of the wires

Which bound me to this mausoleum

Accept defeat, assess the burns

Then head to the antique museum

Unwavering sleep, which I forge out of depths of my own hell Gingerly lies, to all but self. Putrid kennel, ‘Dare I join the beasts?’ Is but a question to all whose hearts, it beats Tender night, to v

The sun, hissing my name, called me forth My day of reckoning, brought alive by charred pavements A sun-smog that told a certain half-truth I, imbibed, embalmed, stepped into the world And let it dict

Sweet shrewd prince, unrun, do stay I’m left chasing the last word of my sentences I would, I would but I'm too drunk to address it Effortless, you drip with honey and tar Enough of it to leave me won