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To live is to see yourself

In the midst of a tsunami wave

Bound to take it all away and all your head can do

Is process your leaving, you

You uttered the imminent

And said you’ve decisively decided to take your life

And knowing you, it’s hard not to believe

A man of a decisive nature

Who will never lie, to the detriment of

An old friend.

In the tunnel where we feel small

Of a children’s playground, though it had never been mine

For I joined late, from away

And yet still found a place to regain

The years I lost to another land

In the tunnel where we feel weighed

By the big loving embrace of a ceiling too low to lie

To us about ‘true hope’ and how

The sky is the limit.

Well, the sky is touching my head, but now it does not lie

And for you, it is likely the same tunnel vision

That is bound to take you away, while I’ll live to see

Another day

In the tunnel where I know who you are

And will be, because perspective is the one thing

You do not possess, but I see, I see

I’ve always seen and it pains me

That the celestials could see it too, and even tell you

Shout it at you

And you would never see

In the womb of a tunnel

All I hear is an ultra sound to defy its speed

Ricocheting restlessly, though strangely acceptingly

My own thoughts of your premeditation

Blasting a sorrowful possibility,

That you will not be coward enough to live

For your philosophy dictates that

Until now, you have been too much of one

To go through, to misconstrue

What you deserve, I know you do

And though you may never care, I can swear

Hand on heart (shoulder) you do deserve it all

More than me, for I am a poet with a passive existence

And you are, well, anything you could wish to be

In the tunnel where I feel childlike again

It whispered to me, in all its indignation

To not grow up too fast, and so I paced myself

And listened to your speaker echo sounds of

What it feels to be a child again, always

And though I never did, in memory I know

I could’ve closed my eyes for a peaceful eternity

Next to a friend, in a children’s tunnel next to a climbing frame

Contorted in silly ways, for we are not ten anymore

Our motion sickness submitting to prevailing winds

Of feeling okay, while I hope you’ll live to see

My other day, take a rain check

On that gruesome plan of yours

And maybe in ten years from now, we’ll still fit

In a tunnel next to a climbing frame

And though I may never tell you then

I will still think of your imminent plan

And hope ten years is enough to decisively decide

It is a thing of the past, and no more

You burned into me unsalvageable desire. My flesh is scorched, arteries and veins ravaged (they hang in the space between what was and could’ve been), presenting me with my own sin – I must look it in

He is passion, etched desire, Unacquainted with a sun or moon Familiar with the pale fire That is often gone too soon A day without my love in arms Is waiting for the sun’s expansion That’s taking pro

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