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Bodyless Organs

The splendour of a tired mind,

As two bodies lay still, intertwined

The floor is a bed of mould,

The sky a ceiling that won’t hold

In all its potential malevolence

The bare bones of the building held elegance

Broken windows, shards of glass

Made this setting rather crass

Bodyless organs, sprawled so still

Next to you I feel the thrill

Of hating what I should love

Just like the up above

Abundant grace, this treasure holds

And when their eyes awake, it folds

Back to cardboard it erodes

Then of the body we dispose

One last wish, from that dead-end road

I kindly ask for its implode

So I may hold its rubble tight

And build my shelter for the night

You burned into me unsalvageable desire. My flesh is scorched, arteries and veins ravaged (they hang in the space between what was and could’ve been), presenting me with my own sin – I must look it in

He is passion, etched desire, Unacquainted with a sun or moon Familiar with the pale fire That is often gone too soon A day without my love in arms Is waiting for the sun’s expansion That’s taking pro

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